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Kitchen knives haven’t ever been my main focus, I’ve made a few here and there but it really wasn’t an area that I had dialed in. This year I’ve been trying to change that. Whenever I have time that isn’t taken up with commissions I have started working on kitchen cutlery.

It’s cool to see just how thin you can get a blade while still maintaining it’s edge. Super thin, hard knives are an excellent test for your heat treating skills. There is always room for improvement, but I get excited when I make a knife that is stupid thin and it holds it’s edge well.

Here is a chef’s knife that I made for myself. Finally after being a bladesmith for 9 years I made the conscious decision to make a full sized chef’s knife for home. This has a 1095 blade with a Claro Walnut handle. The blade has a sturdy spine, but tapers down to a super thin edge.


The next two are a paring knife and a petty/home chef’s knife. They both have 1095 blades and Masur Birch handles. The paring knife has a 4″ blade and the petty has a 6″ blade. Both are super thin and light. These two are available for sale. Email me Nrunals@gmail.com if you are interested.

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Hello, as this is my first post it will mostly be an introduction. In the future I hope to explore ideas about workmanship, design, and how art finds it’s place in a utilitarian setting. I also intend to post tutorials on how I make things.

I’m a blacksmith that focuses on blades, and tools. I’m enthralled by the process of creating things, anything that gets me closer to the core or creation really inspires me, and that is why I love to make tools… hopefully my work inspires others to create.

Be sure to check out my etsy shop Naterunalsblacksmith

Here are a few photos of my work.


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