In between commissions I was able to make a knife that I’ve wanted to make for a while now.

It’s a sort of interpertation of an Anglo-Saxon broken back seax. It’s more stubby than lots examples I’ve seen, but there are tons of these things still in the dirt, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was on just like this in the ground somewhere.

The blade is 3 3/4″ of 1075 and has an auto-hamon. The handle is Massur Birch and copper. The sheath is beeswax coated leather with copper hardware.


.stubby seax2

stubby seax4


stubby seax


If you’re interested in more info or to purchase this knife just visit my etsy site here.

For sale

This little knife is for sale. The blade is 1084, and the handle is old growth diver salvaged red oak from lake superior. For more info, or to purchase the knife visit my etsy.





In between commissions I was able to make this little knife. 1084/wrought iron laminated blade, Osage and copper handle. Leather sheath with copper reinforcement and a leather button for the belt loop. The blade is 3″ and the handle is 4″


If your are interested the knife can be purchased here.







Here is a very small knife I just finished up. The handle is moose antler with a ring-dot motif. The blade is 1084 high carbon steel. The sheath is veg tanned leather with a sterling silver pocket clip.



I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I’d share a few commissions I’ve been working on. They are all laminated blades. The first is a walnut, antler, and copper handle. The next is a friction folder with a black oak handle, and the last is a Dogwood handle.







The next thing I wanted to share is a kickstarter campaign put on by a good friend of mine, David Delagardelle. He and a friend are looking to publish a novel, and there are plans for a movie after the novel. Here are a few swords and helms made by David for the upcoming movie.  If this sort of thing is of any interest to you please consider helping them out, they have some pretty cool rewards for pledging money as well.  Click the photo for more info.


Mini Cleaver

I’ve made a number of herb choppers in the past, you could classify them as mini cleavers if you really wanted to, but they were really made for dicing and mincing herbs and vegetables. The same is not true of this little guy, though it is still suited well for herb chopping with it’s 1/4″ spine you can really do some work with this thing. The weight of it really helps cut through bone or tough cuts of meat. The blade is made of 1075 with the same heat treatment as my larger cleavers, the handle is diver salvaged black oak with nickel silver pins. If you’re interested you can purchase it here.






I’ve been really busy with custom orders lately, but I thought I’d make time to make a knife that doesn’t already have a buyer. This one is diver salvaged red oak from lake superior, copper, and 1084 high carbon steel. The sheath is vegetable tanned leather with a beeswax coating. Go to my etsy from more info.












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